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20 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator(LTCS20020S)Last one

KEY FEATURES 20 cu. ft. Capacity Reversible Door Premium LED Refrigerator Lights Ice Maker Optional - LK65C Rated Energy Star Most Efficient 2020 DIMENSIONS 29 3/4" x 65 5/8" x 33 3/8" Model: LTCS20020S

22 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator(LFCS22520D)

KEY FEATURES 22 cu. ft. Capacity PrintProof Finish Smart Cooling System Door Cooling+ You don't have to sacrifice style when shopping for smaller kitchen spaces. With a generous 22 cu. ft., LG's stylish French door refrigerator gives you 10% more capacity in the same 30" width. Not only does that mean more room for groceries, but Smart Cooling technology helps all that extra food stay fresher, longer. Add the 10-year limited warranty of the Linear Compressor® and the quick, expert advice of SmartDiagnosis™ system, and you've got style, space and features you can count on—in a size that fits your kitchen. DIMENSIONS
    • Depth with Handles
    • 35 1/2"
    • Depth without Handles
    • 33"
    • Depth without Door
    • 29"
    • Depth (Total with Door Open)
    • 44 3/4"
    • Height to Top of Case
    • 67 1/4"
    • Height to Top of Door Hinge
    • 68 1/2"
    • Width
    • 29 3/4"
    • Width (Door Open 90˚ with Handle)
    • 38 1/4"

23.75 in. PrintProof Stainless Steel Smart Top Control Dishwasher with QuadWash Pro, Dynamic Dry and TrueSteam(Model # LDPS6762S)

QuadWash Pro high-pressure jets with 38% more cleaning power Dynamic Dry Enhanced with TrueSteam ThinQ Technology with ThinQ Care Post-dinner party cleanup. Let your NSF certified LG dishwasher do the heavy lifting. LG QuadWash provides maximum cleaning coverage making it easier than ever to get your dishes clean and with Dynamic Dry enhanced with TrueSteam technology you get up to 60% less water spots. The 3rd rack gives you more space to fit everything from long flatware to oversized cooking utensils. With four spray arms instead of just two, QuadWash uses Multi-Motion arms that rotate back and forth while spinning to power-clean dishes from multiple angles throughout the entire cycle LG TrueSteam saves the time and headache of prewashing or rewashing dishes by hand, a blast of steam at the start of the cycle penetrates and dissolves tough caked-on food but is gentle enough for your favorite wine glasses, a second blast during drying helps eliminate water spots by up to 60%, no more having to wipe spotty glasses before guests arrive Creating a dynamic table begins with sparkling dishes and glassware-the kind only Dynamic Dry enhanced with TrueSteam can deliver, from thoroughly drying dishes to eliminating water spots from wine glasses, you can throw in the towel and stop drying by hand, four powerful steam jets on the door, plus additional jets on the top and bottom, super-heat the interior for drier dishes Use height adjustable 3rd Rack to quickly raise or lower the rack to make room for taller or hard-to-fit items the lower rack's ball-bearing wheel design rolls out effortlessly even when loaded with heavy pots and pans PrintProof Finish resists fingerprints and smudges to keep your kitchen looking its best 44dB cleaning cycle is whisper-quiet, so you won't have to worry about interrupting post-dinner-party conversations or naptime LG Dual Zone technology varies the water intensity in the upper and lower racks - delicate dishes in the upper rack have a softer setting while pots and pans in the lower rack are washed with stronger intensity Half wash mode saves water and energy by enabling users to wash only items in either the lower or upper rack LG auto cycle automatically senses the level of dirt on your dishes and sets the wash cycle, so your dishes get optimal cleaning every time Spacious, stainless steel interior provides ample space for lots of dishes and stemware, in a variety of sizes, fit up to 15-place-settings of dishes Top controls with LED display are easy to see and use when the dishwasher door is open but hidden from view when the door is closed, for a seamless look that's also easy to clean LG's advanced filtration system is tough on food residue and dirty dishes even if you don't pre-wash Hybrid condensing drying system dries dishes while keeping your plastics out of harm's way Check on the status of your dishwasher from anywhere using LG SmartThinQ app on your smartphone, it even works with your connected Google Assistant Smart ThinQ technology, stay connected with features like Smart Access and Smart Adapt, which allow you to monitor your dishwasher remotely and download new and improved cycles; in the unlikely event that you have any problems, Smart Diagnosis helps you troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently LG's efficient Inverter direct drive motor has fewer moving parts and no belts for powerful cleaning that uses less energy and saves you money Energy Star

24 cu. ft. Smart wi-fi Enabled InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator with Craft Ice Maker(LRFVS3006S)SALE

KEY FEATURES 24 cu. ft. Capacity InstaView Door-in-Door with adjustable bin Dual Ice maker with Craft Ice Tall Ice & Water Dispenser with Measured Fill Innovative Cooling Features CoolGuard DIMENSIONS 35 3/4"x 68 7/8" x 28 1/4" Model: LRFVC2406S

24 cu. ft. Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator with Multi-Flow Air System in Stainless Steel, Garage Ready(Last one)

KEY FEATURES 24 cu ft. Garage Ready Top Mount Refrigerator Humidity-controlled crisper bin DIMENSIONS 33" x 68" x 34" Model: LRTLS2403S

24 in. in Stainless Steel Front Control Dishwasher(# LDFN3432T)

KEY FEATURES QuadWash™ System TrueSteam® Height Adjustable 3rd Rack Glide Rail PrintProof™ Finish LoDecibel™ Operation (44dB) DIMENSIONS 23 3/4" x 33 3/5" x 24 3/5" Model: LDP6810BD

24 in. PrintProof Stainless Steel Smart Top Control Dishwasher with 1-Hour Wash and Dry, QuadWash Pro and Dynamic Dry(Model # LDPH7972S)

With a turbocharged 1-hour wash and dry, this dishwasher lets you do dishes at the speed of life so you can conquer your daily chores in less time. LG's innovative QuadWash Pro and Dynamic Heat Dry technologies combine to deliver maximum cleaning coverage and thorough drying performance for clean and dry dishes, faster than ever before. That means you can spend less time waiting on dishes and more time on what matters. Plus, our TrueSteam technology helps to penetrate food residue, reduce water spots and sanitize your dishes. LG's exclusive technologies QuadWash Pro and Dynamic Heat Dry combine to deliver clean and dry dishes faster than ever before Our Dynamic Heat Dry technology circulates hot air throughout the dishwasher for faster, more complete drying, delivering sparkling, table-ready dishes right off the rack QuadWash Pro high-pressure jets with 38% more cleaning power, spray dishes from multiple angles while soaking them with millions of microbubbles water to break down stubborn food residue LG TrueSteam uses the power of steam to penetrate food residue and help eliminate water spots by up to 60% Plus, LG dishwashers are certified by the National Sanitization Foundation to reduce bacteria on dishes by 99.999% and reach a final rinse temperature greater than 150°F when operated on the Steam cycle for peace of mind Hidden LED display counts down the remaining cycle time, when the dishwasher is not in use, the display disappears for a sleek look Height Adjustable 3rd Rack quickly raise or lower the rack to make room for taller or hard-to-fit items Interior LED lighting turns on when the door is opened so you can easily check on dishes Conveniently start your dishwasher remotely with the ThinQ app, anywhere and anytime LG ThinQ app helps you manage your LG Smart appliance and more to make your everyday a little easier and keep your home running smarter Glide Rail and Ball-Bearing Wheel Design smooth loading and unloading, even when filled with heavy pots and pans Customize your cleaning to target different zones inside the dishwasher, including upper or lower rack only, and adjust wash intensity as needed for each zone LG Auto Cycle senses the amount of grime on your dishes and sets the best wash cycle for optimal cleaning LoDecibel Operation run the dishwasher whenever you want with whisper-quiet operation Spacious, stainless steel interior provides ample space for lots of dishes and stemware, in a variety of sizes - fit up to 15-place-settings of dishes Top Control Panel with LED Display integrated design provides a seamless look that's also easy to clean PrintProof Finish resists fingerprints and smudges to keep your kitchen looking its best LG's reliable and efficient Inverter Direct Drive motor uses less energy to save you money

25 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator(LRFCS25D3S)

KEY FEATURES 25 cu. ft. Capacity 33 Width PrintProof Stainless Steel SmartDiagnosis System Multi-Air Flow System(Only 2 left) DIMENSIONS 32 3/4"x 68 5/8" x 33" Model: LRFCS25D3S


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